RAM Supply Chain is a Management Consulting firm specializing in Order-to-Cash business process improvements. We utilize Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma (DMAIC) techniques to assist your current staff to eliminate waste and improve Cashflow for your manufacturing operations.  Our independent freelance consultants have developed specific intellectual property which has demonstrated to be successful in areas of Inventory Management; Materials Planning; Cost Management and many more including the following:

Improve the sales & operations planning process by implementing new techniques and proven methodoligies into your strategic planning activities

Forecasting & Materials Management
Harmonize sales forecasting with operations planning to close the gap on production fluctuations by implementing proven demand management techniques

Capacity Planning
Identify bottlenecks and optimize rough-cut resources by re-implementing your ERP application

Transportation & Logistics
Maximize your people, processes and related technologies by implementing the “3 Pillars of Success” philosophy for Transporation Management.

Re-implement your existing ERP to better utilize the tool to manage supply processes

Lean Manufacturing
Better manage your execution plan by implementing mini-kaizen events throughout your shop floor

Supply Chain Training
Train your sales, operations and logistics teams through our customized courses which teach:

  • How to use existing ERP tools to better manage supply chain process changes
  • Transportation Management:  3 Pillars of Success
  • Carrier Contracting, Carrier negotiation and Relationship Management