MercuryGate delivers SaaS and on-premise TMS solutions for shippers, freight brokers and 3PLs to plan transportation, execute freight movements, and analyze transportation data.  The end-to-end application supports multi-leg, multi-modal global shipments as well as domestic ground freight.  With support for all shipping modes, including parcel, you can manage 100% of your shipments with a single application.  The TMS easily integrates with SAP and other systems, carriers and customers to tie together your entire operation.

The application’s route optimization tool (Mojo) uses current shipment data and rates to create the best possible route plan.  Using Mojo, you can plan using consolidated truckloads, pooling points, cluster strategies, and backhauls.  Mojo considers equipment, driver & dock door availability.  Because it can analyze hundreds of shipments in just seconds you can adjust parameters and compare results and then select the best one.

MercuryGate also offers Carma for carrier management.  With Carma, you can manage data from thousands of carriers such as insurance expiration dates, safety ratings, equipment availability, preferred rates and many other pieces of required information.  Carrier data is shared with the TMS to make sure the most current data is being used for carrier selection.  Carma integrates with MercuryGate’s TMS as well as products from other TMS providers.

The Kennedy Group

The Kennedy Group’s RFID Solutions (Radio Frequency Identification) Division is a full service provider of application integration solutions to improve supply chain performance and meet strict Electronic Product Codes (EPC) mandates. More so than just a supplying the products you need, we make sure you have a resource no matter what stage of operation you are in. At The Kennedy Group we are equipped to develop and integrate a customized RFID solution for any business model.

At The Kennedy Group, we pride ourselves on utilizing RFID technology to solve problems that companies face in tracking and getting the best visibility of their assets.

  • We are more than a software company; we are a solutions provider that utilizes software to drive the main technology we support.
  • We provide our software in an On-Demand format which means our customers do not need to invest in a large up front license fee. We provide a fee based program.
  • We can specify, sell and install all the RFID Hardware Solutions.
  • We assist with design and development of the RFID tag solution whether for a single trip or multi-trip application.
  • We produce the RFID Smart Cards/Labels. Thus, no mark-ups or other add-on margins.
  • We do all the proof of concept/testing in our own state-of-the-art Customer Solutions Center.

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RFID Hardware:
As part of our turnkey solutions, The Kennedy Group provides a complets selection of RFID printers, Antennas, Readers and high-speed solutions for automatic application of smart labels.

  • Patented SmartOne® RFID Applicatiors with silent tags eject function that removes a silent smart label before it’s applied.
  • Hardware supplied by such manufacturers as Alien, Motorola, Zebra and Printronix.
  • Operating at both 900 MHz and 13.56 MHz frequencies.
Our RFIDCustomer Solutions Center provides you with an automated environment specifically designed to test smart labels and cards so businesses can learn more about technology and how it will improve their inventory control and customer services.

  • Product evaluation for optimal tag design for each SKU.
  • Environmental analysis is condusted to determine optimal tag placement.
  • Automatic applicator can be demonstrated on a featured high-speed conveyor.
  • RFID systems are tested in real-world applications and dock door simulations.

RFID Tag Solutions:
Leading provider and a high-volume producer of SmartTherm tags (expendable solutions), SmartPlacard, Smart Nameplate and SmartCards (multi-trip solutions).

  • The largest smart label and card manufacturing capacity in North America.
  • Automated in-line verification capability to ensure quality products.
  • Insertion and inspection of 100 percent of inlays result in the highest smart product yields in the industry.

Pilgrim Software
Pilgrim Software is a leading provider of collaborative Enterprise Quality Management solutions that increase productivity and reduce cost in the global manufacturing environment. Pilgrim develops and delivers innovative quality management and business process applications for a variety of manufacturing operations. Our goal is to provide manufacturers with best-of-breed applications that enhance quality across the enterprise and meet regulatory standards.

With a corporate headquarters in Tampa, Florida, Pilgrim Software provides solutions and services to hundreds of companies on five continents. Our customers include market-leading Aerospace and Defense, Airlines, Automotive, FDA-regulated, High Tech and general manufacturers. Our powerful, proven product line, along with superior technical and customer service, has enabled us to grow at a rapid pace, but this is just the beginning.

Today, Pilgrim Software is applying advanced technologies to deliver new, groundbreaking solutions for manufacturers in regulated industries. In the coming years, our growth objective will translate into an even stronger national and international presence. Additional regional sales offices throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe will be created, and corporate divisions, subsidiaries, business partners and distributors will be established in Asia, Europe, and Central/South America. These are exciting times for Pilgrim Software, and we invite you to become part of our success, be it as a valued customer, business partner, or product distributor.