ERP Implementation Project Management skills include complete ownership and project implementations of several well known ERP software packages including SAP, Oracle, Cincom, Baan, J. D. Edwards and others. Objectives include: Development of project implementation plans consistent with your company’s business objectives. Planning and acquisition of resources required to support project implementation plans. Evaluation of business process flows to develop procedures which adequately reduce costs and improve return-on-investment. These project management activities will result in the successful implementation of your ERP solution, including post-implementation evaluation.

Supply Chain Management Information Systems – ERP and MRP

How does Information Technology fit in Supply Chain Management?

Information technology is the foundation for operations management. It offers the organization needed to take demand forecast inputs from sales and then turn it into a plan on which your entire operations can be run. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems such as SAP, JD Edwards, Oracle, IFS, Manugistics, Made2Manage and others all offer modules for Master Scheduling, Capacity Planning, managing the procurement of raw materials, scheduling production, monitoring inventory levels, managing transportation logistics and shipping.

Supply Chain Management Information Systems make it possible to manage your production with just-in-time inventory through careful Material Requirements Planning or MRP.

How does RAM Supply Chain help companies with their information technology for supply chain management?

Most companies have an ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning System. At RAM Supply Chain we have worked with systems such as JD Edwards, SAP, Oracle, i2, Cincom, IFS, Manugistics and others. We can help you leverage your existing investment in this technology to more effectively manage your manufacturing operations.

We first start by evaluating your organization against our Enterprise Resource Planning Audit Survey. This proven standard helps us to assess your current business environment against industry standard benchmarks. Included in this 11-step assessment is a series of interviews with key personnel throughout all levels of the organization. We then develop a recommendation report including an Executive Summary of those cost saving improvement projects most critical to ensuring a substantial Return on Investment (ROI).

Following the recommendation report, our Consulting Services Group will provide a detailed proposal for the implementation of these improvement projects. Included in this proposal will be a detailed Project Plan timeline, resource requirements list of internal and external personnel needed to support the implementation, as well as a detailed budget estimate and Return on Investment (ROI) calculation.

How can RAM Supply Chain implement Information Systems for Supply Chain Management?

Ram Supply Chain has a proprietary methodology for “re-implementing” ERP systems. This means that RAM Supply Chain identifies processes within your operations which can most benefit from information technology. We then help you implement the process and people changes necessary to support an ERP and/or MRP toolset. Finally, we make any necessary changes to the information systems and the reporting so that you have the information you need to manage the process in an ongoing basis.

Other Supply Chain Management Information Systems Resources

TRW Aerospace recently utilized the consulting services of RAM Supply Chain to implement their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution at 7 manufacturing facilities throughout the United States and overseas. This implementation cost an estimated $26MM and returned a calculated ROI of 1.25years.