Lean Manufacturing

How does ERP Support Lean Manufacturing?

To design a manufacturing system that tightly controls the delivery of raw materials, optimizes the onsite labor resources and limits the on-hand inventory of finished goods, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is needed. ERP software provides the information needed to make scheduling decisions that support lean manufacturing principals.

How does RAM Supply Chain apply ERP to Lean Manufacturing?

Most manufacturing companies have an ERP system in place. However, most companies have not realized the true benefit and power of having an ERP system that can support lean manufacturing. The consultants at RAM Supply Chain can guide you through the process of evaluating your current production systems and help you identify areas of improvement to unlock the necessary information required to support lean manufacturing activities. For example, shop floor labor utilization and efficiency metrics may be missing, inaccurate or difficult to obtain. RAM Supply Chain consultants have proven methodologies for implementing Data Warehouse reporting tools to standardize and simplify more accurate performance measurements.

How can RAM Supply Chain implement ERP for Lean Manufacturing Applications?

ERP facilitates the lean manufacturing process. By utilizing proven practices, such as supermarket inventory, we can improve manufacturing throughput for the entire supply chain. These methods have been essential to improving customer service, cost and delivery performance. The consultants at RAM Supply Chain can tune your ERP to support your lean manufacturing process improvement objectives. Through the application of lean manufacturing principals, RAM Supply Chain can help your organization better utilize your ERP system for improved operational efficiencies.

Other Lean Manufacturing and ERP Successes

* Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation utilized lean manufacturing concepts to improve cost savings of $13MM and overall lead-time metrics by more than 10 weeks.